Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Media redefining PR strategy....

For those who haven't yet caught the social media bug, let us let you in on media is a MUST if you are to dent the mindsets of today's savvy consumer. To prove this point, check out your local community later this week on Friday, April 16th--officially deemed "Foursquare Day."
The social media application (easily downloaded and connected to other social media outlets like Facebook), helps businesses and consumers connect while mobile! Friends can find friends and locations around town, meet up on the fly, and leave tips and reviews of businesses/services/products for other consumers that may be en route to visit.
On Foursquare Day, many businesses across the country (and not just in the big cities, mind you...) are linking up with other businesses in an effort to encourage community support. Through couponing, freebies and 'best of' promotional offers delivered exclusively through social media channels, these businesses seek to increase visits to their locations which can be found via Foursquare.
For any business (small or large) that hasn't yet rallied its PR, marketing and communications troops around social media as a business-boosting avenue, let this post be a useful reminder that yes, social media is in fact an evolving trend and one that savvy businesses are today leveraging to get their message out and products and services sold.

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