Thursday, March 11, 2010


As an entrepreneur, our founder, Wendy Agudelo, has started several businesses in her life--including her PR consultancy, Image Professors. But, after having three children and being initiated into the world of mommyhood, Wendy has taken on yet another project, Period Packs, Inc.
Just this week, our team at Image Professors began efforts to market and build awareness of not only Period Packs, but the company's core goal, to turn the awkward and confusing elements surrounding menstruation into more positive, celebratory and educated ones.
This is a major grassroots undertaking. We're starting at ground zero--to educate the masses about new ways to approach and celebrate a young girls transition towards womanhood, and leveraging this particular time in her life to build important ties that will certainly assist when future embarassing discussions (i.e. sex, birth control, etc.) become more relevant.
Stay tuned as we begin to stir the seas and shift societal mindsets and preconceptions using several forms of communication--PR, social media/networking, direct mail and POS. More to come...!

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