Friday, October 3, 2008

Signing Time--They do PR well!

It seemed appropriate for me to take a moment to highlight the good work of a company based in Salt Lake City, UT called Signing Time ( The predominantly family owned and run operation was founded to create stimulating, unique and fun items to teach sign language to infants, toddlers and school-aged children. In the last year, the company has truly embraced the various forms of PR/Marketing available to engage multiple audiences--including YouTube video, blogging and social media networking. In preparation for the company's launch of its new Baby Signing Time series 3&4, the company even organized a contest among its constituency of bloggers--an impressive idea for a small business. As such, it made sense to give kudos to Communications Manager Lindsey Blau, who runs herself ragged alongside company founders, to insure that messages are in sync, opportunities are not missed, and all levels of media, engaged. Congratulations to the crew at Signing Time on the release of your next Baby Signing Time iterations. I've also linked Lindsey's personal blog in my "Cool Links of Note." Nicely done Lindsey!