Monday, August 4, 2008

Favre's back??!!

Although I'm not a Packers fan, I just couldn't resist reading the headlines today discussing Brett Favre's planned return from his recent retirement from football. WHAT???

Once a press conference is held and a public decree of retirement is made, how can any player with respect for his teammates, the sport, his fans, the media or himself possibly come out of retirement? Any sports figure (past and present) regardless of their level of greatness that comes out of retirement displays a huge amount of disrespect. I feel absolutely sorry for the Packers club now--especially since they offered Favre a multi-million dollar marketing deal with the team and he declined it. Again, I repeat, what?

I'm not sure how his agent 'Bus' is forging ahead alongside his client, but this situation has nightmare written all over it. For the sake of the fans, the media, the current, non-retired players, coaches and executives, it is a no-brainer for Favre to stay retired and to find a new direction for his incredible, field-level knowledge of football. Instead of trying to reinstate himself into the NFL, maybe he could use his knowledge to develop a new type of pigskin that allows QBs to grip the ball better in cold weather, or write a book on 'The most persuasive plays of all time?' This type of situation oozes a loss of credibility. I feel sorry for the media forced, by their job position and title, to cover Favre again after he seemingly (and so gracefully) made an appropriate exit. Are there so few good QB's in the NFL that he felt he needed to return to the sport?

My guess is that the PR pros within the Packers club are right now meeting with executives to figure out how to spin the situation. They are prepping to quickly type up a press statement, organizing yet another press conference and hoping that a deal can be arranged. Or, is this just a ruse to create some pre-season press not focused on the New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady?